Personalised Group Training & Hot Yoga
Bright, Victoria
Bright Bootcamp & Co was created by Matt & Elyse Murphy in 2017. Our 300 square meter facility in Bright's Churchill Avenue now offers the largest range of group fitness classes and the most comprehensive timetable in the region. All at a very afforable price. Our members choose from strength & condtioning classes, boxing sessions, beginners classes, and both warm & hot yoga. We are committed to helping you build the fittest, healthiest & happiest version of yourself. 


Member Reviews: 

***** "I have been blown away by the positive energy and friendly vibes that radiate from this place."

***** "I feel very blessed to live in this town with a trainer not only of this nature but also an extraordinary understanding of how to train the body correctly and wholistically. It is clear that this gym is more than a gym, it is a community and everyone cares for each other."

***** "Of all the fitness trainers I have ever come across, Matt is by far the best one. He's on another level. I feel very well looked after. The attention to detail, the vast knowledge in his field, combined with a good dose of humour! You've managed to create a really fun relaxed atmosphere while you still manage to push us to our limit."

***** "Best gym ever! Matt is so good with injury prevention and adjustments to suit different abilities and work around individual limitations. Fantastic team! Keep up the good work."

***** "We are sooo bloody lucky to have you in our gorgeous town - professional, knowledgeble & caring. Thanks so much Matt & Elyse! Xx."

***** "Absolutely LOVE bootcamp! not knowing many people in town it has really become one of the places around where I feel at home! Matt does an amazing job, he is especially great at constantly paying close attention to each and every person in each and every class. Bootcamp is amazing and Bright is extremely lucky to have you guys here :)"

***** "You are very caring and thoughtful and great at helping me push my boundaries whilst still addressing my injuries and medical conditions which is great."

***** "Thanks for creating an incredible gym guys and for always looking after us, you go above and beyond and it is definitely appreciated! The little things like a text to see how you’re going when you slack off show just how much you guys are dedicated to us and our fitness/well-being and it’s a great feeling to be a part of such an awesome gym!"

***** "I absolutely love your gym. I love the atmosphere and enthusiasm as well and overall culture. The events you host which are outside of the gym and encourage healthy friendships as competition are wonderful. We as a community are so extremely lucky."

***** "The business of Bright Bootcamp along with the culture and community surrounding it are amazing. Thanks you guys, I haven't exercised so much since high school! :)"

***** "I love it - coming to work out is usually my favourite part of the day."

***** "Thank you so much for being so caring and thoughtful! I've only been a member since January, but feel so valued and have had such overwhelmingly positive experiences with you guys! Keep up the great work :)"

***** "It’s the best gym ever! Very encouraging, fantastic professional staff.

***** "You are doing a magnificent job already. The gym is progressing. I always feel welcome, and I am very proud to be a member of Bright Bootcamp."

***** "It is an awesome environment, I know Matt has my back, I feel supported and challenged. I recently went to a gym in Melbourne and could not help but smile knowing how blessed we are to have both of you in Bright...you really care that we learn, there is nothing more to ask xxx"

Whether you are an elite athlete, or someone who has never walked into a gym before, we've got you covered. Our beginners classes are a perfect starting point for those new to exercising or returning from injury. Whatever your circumstances, feel free to give Matt or Elyse a call to chat about how we can help. 
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